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Interview with The MFA Years

An interview with TellTellPoetry

Tell Tell Poetry - Making Poetry Fun Again

Caitlin Neely, the founder of The MFA Years, talked to us about the MFA Years and her goals for the site.

  • Why did you start The MFA Years? I wanted to create a space for creative writing students to share their experiences and advice. As I was researching programs last year, it was hard to find articles and books about the actual MFA experience. I think that’s something that’s important to make available. When I saw that The MFA Chronicles had not been updated in a few years, I knew I wanted to help fill some of that gap.
  • On your website, you say that you started The MFA Years after being inspired by The MFA Chronicles, a now-defunct blog. What was it about The MFA Chronicles that inspired you? I started reading The MFA Chronicles much later in the season, after I’d already been accepted into a couple of programs…

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