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Let’s Find You Some Help

You should show your actual writing to as many people as possible, getting all the advice you can wrangle out of them, before you spend hundreds of dollars applying for grad school. In this article I list specific venues for you to get critiques from other people. 


One Semester Down

I’ve been back in Los Angeles for a few weeks, staying at my dad’s house. Even though technically I now live in Tuscaloosa, L.A. still feels like my actual “home.” This makes sense, given that I’ve only spent a few months in Tuscaloosa, and I wonder if at some point it will start to feel more like home than Los Angeles, or if graduate school will simply be a time of transience, not firmly anchored in one place or another. In about a week and a half, I’ll be back in Tuscaloosa, and while I’m looking forward to starting up next semester, I’m also reluctant to let go of Los Angeles’s familiarity, the sense of relaxation and peace that accompanies sleeping in, reading all day, seeing friends I’ve known for over a decade, and eating all the best Japanese food. In reflecting on my first semester, I’m glad that I chose to attend Alabama. One of the greatest gifts that the program at Alabama offers is time, and at this point, I can’t imagine being …

The Lowdown, Five Weeks In

Image: Ignacio B. Peña I am losing track of time. For me, class has now been in full swing for about five weeks and I feel at this point like I’m spinning around faster every day, trying to keep track of every element that surrounds my life, to varying degrees of success. I’ll try and organize this here as best as I can, but this might get messy. I have no context for masters programs outside of what my fellow contributors in their respective courses have described, but for a look, here is how my semester is breaking down. There are approximately close to thirty masters writing students in my group (something like twenty-four in prose, three in poetry.) The prose students are divided into three workshop groups where we submit a written piece of fiction every two weeks, so that half the workshop class submits a piece of writing one week, followed by the other half the next week. That’s every Tuesday. Wednesday’s we have a class dedicated to reading novels at the program …

Endless Summer

In the past month I have: Quit my job. Road tripped from Denver to Riverside. Found a home. Unpacked everything (and not just crammed things wherever). Figured out the bus system. Done the DMV. Setup my new laptop. Met members of my cohort. Ordered my books for class. In the past month I have not: Started school.