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My MFA People Pleasing Problem

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An Inside Look With Kate Peterson, Eastern Washington University ’14

What was it like living in Cheney? How far does your stipend go there living wise? EWU’s main campus is in Cheney, so this is where the undergraduate classes are held (and where TAs teach classes) but the MFA program is housed on the satellite campus in Spokane. Almost all of the MFA candidates choose to live in Spokane since this is where all of our classes are held, and also where all of the internship and program/faculty offices are located. So, there have been some folks in the program who prefer the small-town feel of Cheney over Spokane, but most people live in Spokane and drive or take the free bus to Cheney (about a twenty five minute ride) when they teach. Spokane is a very livable city. When I came to the program I was just returning to the states after working abroad as an au pair, so I didn’t have a lot of money saved. I took out a small loan even though I had tuition remission and a stipend, because I …

An Inside Look With Dan Calhoun, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Image: Kent Kanouse What is it like living in Lafayette? How far does your stipend go there living wise? Lafayette is in an interesting area. One of the upsides is the rich Cajun culture. The food is fantastic (red beans and rice, boudin and sausage, etouffee and fresh seafood) there are tons of festivals, and the locals are friendly. Another plus is New Orleans is a pleasant two hour car ride away from Lafayette (and Baton Rouge is a one hour car ride away and Houston is a three car ride away). Lafayette has the essentials: a good mix of local stores and restaurants and chain stores and restaurants. And if you happen to love daiquiris, Lafayette is paradise. There are at least six different bars dedicated to daiquiris (Daiquiris Supreme is my personal favorite).  The downside to Lafayette is the heat (summer is brutal!) and the traffic. Why did you decide to pursue a PhD after graduating from Wichita State? I decided to pursue a PhD because I wanted a few more years to work …

An Inside Look With Chelsea Biondolillo, University of Wyoming ’13

Image: Jimmy Emerson What was it like living in Laramie? How far does your stipend go there living wise? Living in Laramie was conducive to writing, which is to say that there’s not a whole lot else to do during many of the long winter nights. It gets cold there, -25 and more, and the wind is such a constant, you might find the natural volume of your voice ratcheting up a notch. Winter makes summer all the more amazing however, and you will cram a lot of living into your (partially funded) summer break between years 1 & 2. Throughout the year there is a minimum of nightlife and an abundance of nearby outdoor adventures (rock climbing, camping, hiking, caving, river kayaking, birding, wildlife watching or hunting, fishing, skiing, snowshoeing–plus you can rent almost any gear (except guns, of course) from the school’s outdoor program, including hiking boots–though I’d recommend you bring some with you). The town was much more pleasant toward students generally than many other college towns I’ve lived in. I was …